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“Nimbly directed by Michael Herwitz” - Juan Ramirez, The New York Times. Critic’s Pick

Highbrow + Brilliant - New York Magazine Approval Matrix

"A slick, cleverly crafted drop-tower ride. 80 minutes of pure tension. It's a credit to the shared zippiness of text and direction (by Michael Herwitz) and to the alert, flexible performances that the play's two actors that this dynamic doesn't start to wear." - Sara Holdren, Vulture

“Thanks to the playwright, the performers, and the director Michael Herwitz - a master of unsettling effects - it’s engrossing and disturbing.” - Dan Stahl, The New Yorker

“An edge of your seat watch made even better by the performances of the two actors. There’s little slack in Michael Herwitz’s staging, every inflection and glance charged with intrigue. JOB Leaves us breathless with a series of dramatic gut punches.” - Zachary Stewart,

“Michael Herwitz’ direction skillfully establishes the tension, and with the help of the excellent performers, sustains it throughout.” - James Wilson, Talkin’ Broadway

“It may just be the best new American play in at least the last five years. Director Michael Herwitz has a good deal to do with keeping the play taut throughout. This is all staged so well by Herwitz…As directed by Michael Herwitz, Peter Friedman and Sydney Lemmon are living their roles, rather than just acting them.” - Victor Gluck, TheatreScene.Net

“Directed with a firm hand by Michael Herwitz” - David Finkle, New York Stage Review

“Clearly the director, Michael Herwitz, has a nice way with his cast. He also gets solid contributions from his designers, even when working in one of New York’s least design-friendly playhouses.”  - David Barbour, Lighting & Sound America

“Michael Herwitz’ direction keeps the drama simmering, allowing the actors to perform in a rapid-fire, naturalistic, conversational style underlined by a sense of danger.” - Samuel L. Leiter, Theater Pizzazz

“Director Michael Herwitz strikes the right balance in the back-and-forth between the two characters, moving them about the cramped, simply designed set in ways that seem natural.” - Thom Geier, Culture Sauce

“The two actors keep the joint lit up for the show’s roughly 80-minute duration, summoning their character’s different styles and rhythms like ace tennis players under director Michael Herwitz’ savvy coaching.” - Elysa Gardner, The New York Sun

“In his Off-Broadway debut, director Michael Herwitz keeps the drama at a high-boil, making good use of Scott Penner’s basic set.” - Mark Rifkin, This Week in New York

“Spellbinding. Nothing short of phenomenal. Everything in this production of Job seems right. The stage set of a San Francisco psychotherapist’s office is simple and restrained; even the gold-framed proscenium of the 19th century Connelly Theater seems to contain the production, keeping its rapid-fire dialogue from bursting through the fourth wall. The directorial gestures of the very young Michael Herwitz are subtle but unnerving—occasional blinking spotlights and sharp noises to suggest the characters’ inner turmoil.” - George Blecher, NYCitywoman

“Directed with clarity and cleverness by Michael Herwitz” - 

“Director Michael Herwitz finely calibrates the soaring performances while orchestrating the dazzling stagecraft on display, resulting in a mesmerizing, jolting and increasingly queasy presentation.” - Darryl Reilly,

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